Your return to office checklist

After a year that was 2021, many were thrilled to have said goodbye and welcomed 2022 with open arms. However, the start of the new year was not what many were hoping for, with Covid-19 cases at the highest they have ever been. For many workplaces, this has significantly impacted their return to office plans, with many workplaces only now commencing their return to face-to-face office working.

If your workplace has started having conversations about returning to the office, it’s important to ensure that you are organised so you can transition smoothly back into the workplace. Here is a return-to-office checklist to help you thrive in the workplace and set up for a successful working year.

Return to Office Checklist

  • Take 5 minutes to reflect on any positive habits you may have formed in 2021 and note them down as habits you’d like to keep going in 2022. If you would like to learn how to establish new, healthy habits, you can read our latest habits blog which discusses how you can set up 2022 for success with healthy habits.
  • Reset your intentions and expectations for the year ahead. Understand your values, identify your desires, and then work towards shifting any limiting beliefs. As 2022 started off a bit rocky, setting realistic expectations can help you to prepare for the year ahead. If you need some help on how to set achievable and meaningful goals that are also flexible towards the ever-changing environment, we currently live in. Check out our blog on preparing for 2022.
  • Define your career goals for the new year. What do you want to achieve when it comes to your career in 2022? Are there any opportunities for growth, promotion, or skill development? Bure sure to set SMART goals- specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Check out our post on goal setting to help you create a plan of action needed to achieve your goals, so you can become the best version of yourself. Then discuss with your manager how you can work together to achieve some of these goals.
  • Set up a family meeting to discuss how you are going to manage work from home and other family responsibilities.
  • Establish a work from home routine. Set up a dedicated workspace, schedule regular breaks, write a to do list at the start of each day and prioritise your tasks.
  • Prioritise your time in the office. Use all the resources available and identify any exclusive office tasks. This may involve aligning your team with work that requires collaboration. Need help navigating the hybrid work environment? Read our latest blog for some helpful tips so you can optimise your time and get the most out of each day.
  • Set up and schedule in some wellbeing strategies that you can build into your day or week. For example, meditating, journaling, or connecting with others.
  • Connect with your leaders and colleagues. Schedule regular check-ins on a one-on-one basis to see how both yourself and others are travelling.
  • Set some personal development tasks. Ask yourself, “What areas can I expand my knowledge” and “How can I improve my skills?”. Try to focus on becoming more self-aware and find different ways to maximise your potential in your career.