COVID-19 A Psychosocial Response Framework


Join Debra Brodowski for this complimentary webinar on the key psychosocial risks employers should be addressing as their people adjust to this temporary shift in how they work. Learn strategies for keeping teams mentally fit and how to manage their anxiety.
For the last 15 minutes ask our expert panel your questions for sound advice on specific issues you are facing in this ever-changing environment.

Online Support Services for HR and Leaders


Provide webinars to leaders on how to keep their teams mentally fit through times of uncertainty


Virtual small group coaching sessions on how to manage the key challenges of leading a remote workforce

Well Checks

Concerned about an employee’s wellbeing? Book in a virtual Well Check to understand how best to support them

Manager Assist

Advice for leaders on any employee concerns they have

Strategic HR Coaching

Advice in developing a robust wellbeing strategy through times of uncertainty

Conflict Resolution

Virtual conflict resolution services to strengthen team cohesion during this time of heightened stress

F&DV Services

Virtual family and domestic violence services, providing best practice advice to managers and HR to keep employees safe

Executive Wellbeing Assessment

Assisting executives to be at their peak during this time


Comprehensive guides for assisting managers in supporting their teams through times of uncertainty


Bite sized podcast episodes that dive deep into the core challenges leaders are currently faced with

Digital Wellbeing Solution

Supporting leaders and employees in keeping mentally fit and well

Wellbeing Pulse Checks

Measuring specific psychosocial risk factors at play for different teams

Online Support Services for All Employees


Provide webinars to employees on how to navigate the social and psychological challenges through this time


Comprehensive guides addressing all the psychological and social challenges we face through these times of uncertainty


Twice weekly episodes providing expert advice on keeping mentally fit through COVID-19

Employee Assistance

Telehealth services to support employee wellbeing remotely

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