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Addressing & Preventing Domestic & Family Violence

1 in 3 Australian women have experienced physical violence. This figure should be enough to have workplaces start thinking about how they can reduce the prevalence and impact of family violence, yet only 35% of organisations have a family violence policy or procedure.

Our holistic approach to assisting workplaces in responding to and preventing family violence and promoting gender equality focuses on addressing key areas of need. The focus areas include:

  • Addressing knowledge and attitudes
  • Behaviours, informal culture, and practices
  • Structures, formal policies, and procedures

Priding ourselves on providing socially and psychologically sound services our offerings have been devised by an expert panel of consultant psychologists experienced in family violence, clinical psychology, and organisational psychology, ensuring our services are suited specifically to workplaces to assist them with responding to family violence.

Our Suite of Solutions

The family violence audit process for organisations focuses on both how an organisation is responding to violence and how they are working at preventing violence. Our audit process is tailored to the organisation’s industry and assesses at what stage the organisation is currently at on the spectrum from ‘Just getting started’ all the way to ‘Pro-actively Responding to and Preventing Family Violence’.

The Centre for Corporate Health works with workplaces to develop Family Violence Policy including the provision of family violence leave, based on our customisable template to address how the organisation responds to family violence. Our consultant Psychologists then review and suggest amendments to ensure all other policies align with, and work towards, preventing violence by promoting diversity and gender equality.

Our leadership development services in the area of preventing family violence can take the form of group training or individual one-on-one coaching.

Our training/coaching support gives leaders the skills to encourage active speaking about family violence as well as to create a workplace culture of diversity, inclusion, and gender equality where sexism, bullying and disrespectful behaviour is not accepted.

All training programs can be customised in terms of content duration (two hours to full day programs) and delivery method, from group training to one-on-one coaching.

Our training for HR, WHS, Managers and Senior Executives ensures that they are equipped with best practice intervention strategies to manage high risk situations (this may be threats of self harm, harm to others or someone fearing for their own safety) as they occur and link in the individual the help they require. It also provides knowledge and confidence to reduce the negative impact these high-risk situations can have on an organisation.

As well as training on how to best manage family violence situations, a key requirement of these key members of staff is to create a culture whether violence is prevented and one where gender equality, inclusion and diversity are embedded across all aspect of the business. Providing training in this area is giving organisations and their employees the opportunity to change the prevalence of family violence as well as creating an environment where all employees feel equally valued and respected.

HR teams are often faced with challenging people situations that are complex and sensitive in nature, especially when it comes to instances of family violence. At CFCH our HR Advisory Services include a HR advisory hotline where advice can be sought for situations of family violence. Our registered psychologists who are experienced in dealing with cases of family violence can also conduct Personal Support Assessments or offer specific counselling to employees on the circumstances they find themselves in.

With a range of resources and collateral, the Centre for Corporate Health can assist organisations in creating awareness to their employees on how to prevent family violence by providing articles, blogs and videos on diversity, gender equality and preventing, responding to, and managing family violence. We also have a range of fact sheets available which are customisable to outline support services in relation to family violence both internally and external to the organisation.

Our Lunch ‘n’ Learn awareness seminars aim to prevent family violence as well as provide awareness of how to cope with family violence or support someone experiencing family violence.

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