Building Resilience and Strengthening Wellbeing

The Resilience BoxTM – Taking resilience strategies to the peak performance zone where participants develop the ability to consistently perform in the upper range of their skill level, regardless of setbacks and pressured circumstances.

The Resilience BoxTM is not only aimed at building the resilience and mental toughness of all staff in the Employee Edition, it also has a seperate edition aimed specifically at leaders. The Leaders Edition both strengthens personal resilience, and also develops a leader’s ability to build mentally tough teams who feel supported and encompass the ability to persevere and bounce back as a team.

Drawing on the latest evidence-based models and strategies informed by neuroscience, sports psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behaviour therapy, the new edition of The Resilience BoxTM follows a mental toughness model that builds upon traditional resilience models.

More than acquiring the skill of bouncing back from adversity, mental toughness takes resilience to the next level – a peak performance mindset which gives teams and leaders the edge to be persistently better in remaining tenacious, focused, confident and in control of their emotions under pressure.

Program Delivery

Our aim is to create lasting positive behaviour change and improve the wellbeing, resilience and mental toughness of individuals, teams and organisations alike. As such, each program is customised to meet the specific needs and desired learning outcomes of our clients.

Programs range from a one-off two hour session to a more robust program including pre and post measures, a series of three, two hour sessions with further learning and activities avaiable for inbetween sessions and up to six weeks of post program learning.

More than imparting knowledge on how to improve wellbeing and mental toughness, during the sessions, participants will be taken through new concepts, participate in exercises to embed the learnings and be provided with practical tips and strategies for weaving these new positive habits into their daily work and personal lives.

With an acknowledgement that we are a time poor society, the practical strategies covered in The Resilience BoxTM are designed to encourage participants to make small behaviour changes which have significant positive impacts on their ability to rest and recover. This in turn, boosts the likelihood that they have the cognitive capacity to persevere, deal with setbacks and cope with increased pressure without burning out and depleting their wellbeing bank account.

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