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Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces

45 per cent of Australians will experience a mental health condition at some point in their lives, so it is inevitable that these conditions will play out in our organisations. Workplaces are therefore in a unique position to reach working age adults and provide mental health education, intervention and support.

Focusing on the risks relevant to your industry, the Centre for Corporate Health utilises it’s in-depth experience in this field to customise training programs, intervention frameworks for HR professionals and managers and independent psychological assessments to ensure your organisation has a proactive approach to the management of mental health issues in the workplace.

Our Suite of Solutions

The employee mental health needs analysis process for organisations focuses on both how an organisation is going in relation to their current mental health strategies and programs as well as highlighting any gaps that need to be addressed. Our process is tailored to the organisation’s industry and benchmarks the organisation against best-practice guidelines to identify risk areas and where improvements can be made.

Based on a best-practice approach for addressing mental health in the workplace, our Senior Organisational Psychologists, work with organisations to customise our Mental Health Intervention Framework. The framework is tailored to align with an organisations unique internal lines of communication, policies and procedures to avoid a ‘one size fits all’ approach and ensure intervention services are appropriate to the situation based on level of risk.

Our leadership development services in the area of creating a mentally healthy workplace can take the form of group training or individual one-on-one coaching.

Our training/coaching support gives leaders the skills to encourage not only recognise and respond to mental health in the workplace, but also what role they play in preventing poor mental health. Leaders walk away from our training and coaching understanding the importance in their commitment to this issue, as well as practical strategies on what they can do personally to create positive wellbeing in their teams.

All training programs can be customised in terms of content duration (two hours to full day programs) and delivery method, from group training to one-on-one coaching.

Ensuring the foundations of creating a mentally health workplace are in place, the Centre for Corporate Health provides a range of training programs to equip key people in the organisation with the skills and strategies to recognise and respond to employees experiencing poor mental health. As well as working with leaders on how they can create a mentally healthy workplace, we also offer training programs aimed at equipping HR with how to manage mental health in the workplace from identification right through to supporting recovery and return to work. Also included in our suite of mental health programs is our customised training for Wellbeing Officers. This program is aimed at equipping “go to” people (not necessarily the most senior people, but rather those people who employees feel comfortable speaking to) in the organisation on how they can recognise and respond to people who are not travelling well.

Training programs range from one hour awareness sessions for staff in general right through to two day in-depth training for HR and WHS professionals and everything in between.

While training on how to recognise someone may not be traveling well and being able to reach out to them and have a supportive conversation is a key part of addressing mental health in the workplace, so to is an organisations ability to link the employee in with the services required to begin their recovery. The severity of a mental health concern determines which support services are most appropriate.

The Centre for Corporate Health provides a range of psychological support services and assessments to support the intervention and recovery process of mental health issues ranging from low risk to high risk. Each service we provide is aimed at supporting the employee as well as providing guidance to the organisation on how they can continue to support the employee in line with the WHS Act.

A key component to creating a mentally healthy workplace is creating a culture where mental health is not stigmatised and employees feel able to reach out for the support they need to get back on track. Creating awareness of mental health at all levels of the organisation is an imperative part of creating this culture.

The Centre for Corporate Health works with organisations on getting involved in national awareness days such as R U OK? Day as well as assisting organisations on their internal employee health and wellbeing campaigns.

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