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Digital Wellbeing

The Centre for Corporate Health is dedicated to supporting employee wellbeing, no matter where an individual falls on the wellbeing continuum. The Resilience Box® is the latest addition to our support services aimed at providing a centralised digital platform where employees can strengthen their resilience. Watch videos, complete online learning modules, read factsheets, listen to podcasts and book appointments, all online and accessible 24/7.

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Our Suite of Solutions

All online learning programs are designed to encourage self-directed behaviour change. There are programs for purchase on all areas of wellbeing, including resilience, mental health, physical health, psychological safety, family and domestic violence and much more.

Centre for Corporate Health has a team that can also build custom e-learning programs tailored to your organisations needs.

With over 50 videos on all topics to do with wellbeing, organisations can select videos to feature on their employee intranets. Topics range from exercise to R U OK? conversations and everything in between.

With busy schedules, employees don’t always have time at work to learn about how they can improve their wellbeing. Podcasts are a great way organisations can provide information on areas of wellbeing in a format that is engaging and convenient. From guided mindfulness episodes to series on specific areas of our health, these podcasts are funny, informative and motivating.

With so many areas that impact an individuals wellbeing, employees are often seeking information that is specific to their circumstances. With over 500 factsheets on everything to do with wellbeing, employees are able to read about topics from how to talk to their teenager about mental health to how to improve motivation and everything in between.

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