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Psychological Safety & Wellbeing Strategic Audits

The Centre for Corporate Health has worked with organisations since 1999 providing a range of risk mitigation services including wellbeing strategic advice, intervention frameworks, early identification models, training, and psychological assessments. With this in-depth experience, our senior consultant organisations have developed an evidence based psychosocial safety audit framework that sits at the foundation of the strategic advice.

With a range of support services to deliver solutions for recommendations from the audit, the Centre for Corporate Health is an important adjunct to any HR and WHS team, able to work with an organisation from initial conception to implementation and review.

Our Suite of Solutions

An initial analysis is the first time in ensuring your organisation is providing best-practice support, prevention, and intervention strategies across all levels of the business. This analysis is aimed at giving our consultant psychologists a clear snapshot of where the organisation is at in relation to embedding a safety culture and informs the next stages of the audit.

To support the initial analysis, further information can be gathered through stakeholder focus groups and employee surveys. By engaging in this stage of the audit, organisations are able to gain a more in depth insight into the extent to which employees feel supported in terms of their wellbeing, if there are any areas of dysfunction or discontent in the organisation that need to be addressed, as well as any pinpointing any specific psychosocial risk factors that may not have presented in the initial analysis phase of the audit.

Industry benchmarking helps establish what is best practice by assisting organisations to analyse, compare and improve what they do. Our senior consultant psychologists target benchmarking at the features and systems in your industry which have the most effect on the performance, safety and wellbeing of your employees. The information gathered in both the initial analysis stage and the industry benchmarking stage then form the basis for the next step which is to conduct a gap analysis.

A gap analysis works at identifying key areas that need immediate attention, improvement, or long term development. Our senior consultant psychologists utilise information gathered thus far in the audit process to identify key areas for improvement to ensure the organisation is being effective in relation to the safety and wellbeing of their employees against industry standards, as well as complying with the relevant WHS legislation.

The Centre for Corporate Health not only provides a thorough strategic plan outlining key recommendations, it also provides specific services to ensure the organisation is able to put the plan in place. Our senior consultant psychologists develop a Strategic Plan that collates all their findings from the audit process, details the organisation’s current state in terms of safety and wellbeing and sets out a staged approach to improving those areas highlighted in the gap analysis to ensure the organisation is meeting best practice guidelines.

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