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Supporting Employees

The Centre for Corporate Health is a national provider with a boutique feel that is dedicated to providing a superior service Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Our clients choose us because:

  • we only employ Senior Consultant Psychologists to provide EAP services
  • our Clinical Management Team, which comprises our Managing Psychologists, triage every EAP request and are also on call to provide specific advice to HR and Managers in navigating difficult issues in relation to employee wellbeing
  • we provide in depth reporting with practical recommendations
  • we have been consulting with a broad range organisations for over 18 years and understand the unique challenges employees, Managers, and HR/WHS face
  • we become an important adjunct to the HR, Safety and Wellbeing team

Our Suite of Solutions

The Centre for Corporate Health is passionate about providing a unique service and our EAP offering is one that has developed naturally via word of mouth and is heavily based in the knowledge we gain through our consulting expertise and psychological assessment work.

Specifically our service includes:

  • 24/7 access to counselling
  • Online support portal with over 100 factsheets on various topics of wellbeing, podcasts and videos
  • Manager Assist services conducted by our Senior Consultant Psychologists
  • Regular reporting on usage rates including strategic recommendations based on the statistics gathered
  • Optional access to Calibrate, guided mindfulness audios which can be made accessible on your employee intranet
  • Regular client relationship meetings to assist with wellbeing strategies, processes and procedures
  • Access to our training, consulting, career transition, psychological assessment and psychological recovery services
How can we help you?

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