wellbeing support

for your people

Our clients have their people’s mental health in mind.

Senior psychologists who
know that work can and should be good for our wellbeing

One provider.

Holistic support spanning the entire wellbeing continuum.

Mitigate psychosocial risks. Our expertise, your people’s safety.

From identifying and assessing psychosocial risks, to integrating controls and protective factors that safeguard your people’s wellbeing – we’ve got you covered.

A trusted EAP service. Powered exclusively by senior psychologists.

Counselling by a team of senior psychologists, prioritising expert care over cost-cutting measures, leveraging technology for accessibility and providing an end-to-end support system that considers employees’ holistic wellbeing needs.

Workplace training reimagined. Build capabilities at all levels of your organisation.

Comprehensive programs that create mentally healthy workplaces, protect against psychosocial risks, and lead to tangible capability improvements that seamlessly integrate psychological safety and wellbeing into the very fabric of your workplace.

Guides for addressing
pyschosocial hazards

Sign up to our Knowledge Hub and tap into a wealth of practical guides that tackle specific psychosocial risks head-on. Stay in the loop with the latest employee wellbeing strategies that are shaping the future of work.