Managing recovery and supporting return to work

Preventing psychological injury claims by supporting your people to manage and recover from mental ill-health by staying in or returning to good work.

Resilia's Recovery Solutions

Our sister company Resilia, specialise in psychological recovery services, supporting your people manage mental-ill health and return to thriving in ‘good work’.

Mediation and team rejuvenation

Where harmful interpersonal workplace behaviour has impacted an employee's mental health, best practice mediation and team rejuvenation services can address these issues and establish a new, respectful, interpersonal plan for the future.

Recovery and return to work support

Best-practice stay-at-work or return-to-work support by a Resilia Psychological Recovery Consultant, ensuring all stakeholders are working towards the same goals, contributing psychosocial risks are addressed, and best-practice treatment is aligned with an accurate diagnosis.

Well checks and psychological assessments

Resilia's well checks and various wellbeing assessments aim to establish a recovery at work or return to work plan and recommended treatment to get the individual back to functioning and thriving at work.

Engage with our sister company Resilia as your corporate recovery partner to support your people experiencing mental-ill health and prevent lodgment of psychological injury claims

Why do I need an EAP provider and a recovery provider?

An EAP provider and a corporate recovery provider are essential to support your people’s wellbeing effectively. While prevention is ideal, mental ill-health is a reality for many individuals.