Quality Policy

The CFCH group of companies (CFCH) comprises Centre for Corporate Health Pty Ltd ACN 086 346 036, Resilia Pty Ltd ACN 154 869 271, and The Resilience Box Pty Ltd ACN 636 137 409.

CFCH works with organisations to create safety and wellbeing in their workplace. CFCH achieves this through the customisation and integration of our services into our client’s business, so their unique psychosocial risk factors are addressed, and a resilient workplace is achieved.

CFCH achieves maximum benefit to our clients by integrating into our services the systematic approach to quality management as prescribed in ISO9001. Our approach is defined in the CFCH Quality Management System and aims to ensure:

  • Our service delivery achieves or exceeds the requirements specified by our clients; and
  • CFCH’s ongoing compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Policy Statement

CFCH is committed to providing consistent, high quality and measurable services that meet or exceed our client’s anticipated requirements by:

  • Listening to our client’s feedback.
  • Understanding what we do, how we do it and what we are doing well.
  • Identifying where improvements are needed.
  • Taking action in order to best meet the needs of our clients.
  • Gathering the information we need to change and evolve as part of a continuous improvement cycle.
  • Providing the required leadership, management, skills and resources.

While the Executive Team is responsible for implementing and monitoring this policy biennially, all employees and persons working on our behalf must share in these commitments. Everyone is empowered to speak up and act to ensure these commitments are met.

Tony Bradford

Managing Director

CFCH Group of Companies

1 July 2023