Preventing harm and enhancing the wellbeing of your organisation

Minimising psychosocial risks, establishing protective frameworks and building the wellbeing capabilities of your people.

Our Protective Solutions.

It takes more than risk registers and policies to address psychosocial risks and protect the mental health of your people.

Uplift the capabilities of your people.

Training and coaching that uplifts the capabilities of your people to minimise the risk to their wellbeing when psychosocial hazards cannot be eliminated from their line of work. Programs are tailored and developed on the foundations of evidence-based strategies.

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Customise best-practice frameworks to protect employee wellbeing.

Customisable frameworks provide a road map for connecting employees to the appropriate support and minimising negative impacts on their wellbeing. These frameworks drive early intervention for mental ill-health, harmful workplace behaviours, inappropriate customer behaviour, vicarious trauma and family and domestic violence.

Assess psychosocial risks and develop a strategy.

Work with our expert psychologists to identify psychosocial hazards, assess your people's wellbeing risks, and activate a customised strategy that considers work design, controls and protective factors.

Our approach eliminates the guesswork in fulfilling your duty of care to safeguard the wellbeing of your people

Guides for addressing pyschosocial hazards 

Sign up to our Knowledge Hub and tap into a wealth of practical guides that tackle specific psychosocial risks head- on. Stay in the loop with the latest employee wellbeing strategies that are shaping the future of work.