Training to Uplift Capabilities

Looking for your next career move? Our high performing team is built on our psychologically safe culture, meaning you’ll be nurtured to be your best

A New Era of Workplace Training

Fresh and Impactful training that steers away from traditional and lengthy workplace programs that have shown limited effectiveness in shifting behaviours in the workplace

1. Insights

Building a deep understanding and cultivating curiosity through up-to-date statistics, studies and our senior psychologist's in the field experience

2. Capability Uplift

Learning practical, evidence-based strategies that are relevant to the participants' role in the organisation

3. Integrate

Link learnings to internal frameworks through coaching to give strategies meaning and show participants how they can use them in their roles

4. Embed Skills

Strategies learned become business as usual through a library of micro embedding activities facilitated by leaders in team meetings following the training program

5. Measure

Assess impact and identify future needs for continued success through surveys and coaching conversations with participants

Our Most Popular Suites of Training Programs

Our suites of training programs take a whole of organisation approach, ensuring everyone is trained to the proficiency required for their role and level of seniority

Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work

Psychosocial Risk Management

Inappropriate Customer Behaviour

Building Respectful Workplaces

Vicarious Trauma

Psychologically Safe Teams

Mental Health For All - Diversity and Inclusion

Change and Transitions

Mental Fitness for the New Dynamics of Working