Assess psychosocial risks and develop a strategy.

Understand your psychosocial risks and create a plan to eliminate and reduce them effectively.

Truly addressing psychosocial risks requires shifts in behaviours, analysis of work design, new leadership capabilities and a more nuanced approach that can’t be captured in a simple survey.

The basics

You’ve likely already got these covered:

Activate your risk strategy

We help you shift behaviours and build capabilities:

Bringing best-practice to your psychosocial risk management

Comprehensive Psychosocial Risk Management

1. Identify.

Analyse data, review policies and procedures and conduct focus groups to identify hazards.

2. Assess Risk.

Assess the level of risk to your people and the nuanced interactions of hazards.

3. Prioritise & Plan.

Establish a project plan to eliminate or reduce risks based on risk level.

4. Control & Protect.

Consult on best-practice controls and protective factors to implement.

5. Integrate.

Customise our protective frameworks to integrate your controls and protective measures so they become business as usual.

6. Capability Uplift.

Train your people on any changes and uplift capabilities to minimise risks that can't be eliminated.

Chat with our consultants about how we establish a psychosocial risk management plan.

Client Quote

I’ve just always got such confidence in anybody that I refer to the CFCH, that I know they are going to be properly supported, they’re going to be well looked after, they’re going to feel safe, and it’s going to assist them in whatever probably that they are dealing with.

Deborah Stonley

Director of People & Culture | Maddocks

We work with CFCH across the whole wellbeing continuum, any area where staff require psychological support across the spectrum, CFCH are embedded in that process with us. It’s a real partnership. CFCH are the most effective provider in this space that I’ve worked with to date.

Geraldine King

Workplace Health, Safety & Wellbeing Manager | Citigroup Australia

CFCH has a great reputation in the legal industry for knowing the nuances and being experts for issues we face. And in addition to that, the quality of the service you get is always excellent so there is no issue with recommending them to anyone who is in need.

Nick Grant

Director of Human Resources | K&L Gates

We see CFCH as an extension of our team. We reach out to them for their expertise and guidance on various mental health issues that we come across in our workplace. Any challenge that we have put forward to them has been very gracefully accepted, and they’ve come to the party to deliver.

Alice Klontzaris

Executive Manager Wellbeing | Commonwealth Bank