Mental health at work in mind

An unwavering belief that work should be good for our wellbeing

Where we started

The Centre for Corporate Health has provided premium psychological consulting services to Australian businesses since 1999. Co-founded by Rachel Clements and Tony Bradford, our mission has always been to collaborate with companies to prevent mental ill-health, promote optimal wellbeing, and serve as a safety net of support. Over time, we have become the preferred provider for organisations that genuinely prioritise the wellbeing of their employees and understand the importance of providing comprehensive support to their workforce.

In 2012, Rachel and Tony also established Resilia, a specialised service dedicated to psychological recovery, ensuring that organisations and their employees receive support in all aspects of mental health prevention, intervention, and recovery.

Where we started


Delivering unwavering quality, holistic support, and seasoned expertise

Uncompromising Quality

Psychological services based on evidence and driven by real-time data

Comprehensive Support

Partnering with organisations to offer end-to-end mental health and wellbeing solutions

Experts with Experience

Services provided only by senior psychologists with diverse specialties ensuring an inclusive service

Our People

We’re known for our expertise and boasting the industry’s top-tier psychological qualifications, relevant experience, and ongoing professional development. We inspire our people to deliver their best work through a diverse, psychologically safe and collaborative culture.

Our Leaders

Our visionary leadership team, fostering psychologically safe workplace cultures for our people and yours

Our Senior Psychologists

Our team only includes highly experienced senior psychologists, assuring our partnering clients that their people receive unparalleled mental health support and consulting. With a robust network of over 60 senior psychologists spread across the Asia Pacific region, you can have complete confidence in our unwavering dedication to safeguarding the wellbeing of your workforce.