Navigating people matters through strategic support for a psychologically healthy workforce.

Our mental health intervention services provide expert assistance when your employees need it most, ensuring a safety-net of support to get them back on track and keep them well.

Our Intervention Solutions.

Trusted support by senior psychologists

Strategic Advisory Services

Strategic and advisory support for HR professionals and managers navigating challenging people matters. Our senior management team work closely with those at the front line of workplace wellbeing, support, and psychosocial risk management to empower, upskill and provide practical advice where needed most.

Safety-Net Support Services

From critical incident response and cases of high-risk mental ill-health to family and domestic violence safety planning, our evidence-based services provide you and your people with a safety-net of support in times of crisis.

Employee Assistance Program

A diverse and inclusive Employee Assistance Program delivered by senior psychologists so that you can trust your people are receiving expert care. Leveraging technology to simplify access, guaranteeing your team members receive support when and where they need it.

Preventing mental ill-health is always the aim, but it’s not always possible. Work with our experts to ensure you have a robust early intervention and high-risk support framework.

The Resilience Box® App

Your people’s ultimate mental health companion. Developed by senior psychologists from the Centre for Corporate Health, the App puts telehealth and wellbeing advice at your fingertips – where, when and how you need it.