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Employee wellbeing underpinned by safety-net support services

In today’s fast-paced and demanding work environment, the focus on employee wellbeing and mental health has gained significant attention. While efforts to address psychosocial risks and minimise them are crucial, it’s equally important for organisations to establish a comprehensive safety net of support for their employees. While organisations can’t always prevent instances of poor mental health, they must take a more nuanced approach to support, going beyond relying solely on Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). So, what should a best-practice safety net of support encompass? And why is it essential for promoting employee wellbeing?

EAP Service: Trusted, Integrated, and Proactive  

EAP services play a vital role in providing early intervention support. However, organisations must go beyond mere implementation. An effective EAP service should be trusted by employees, fully integrated into all aspects of the business, and supported by policies and procedures that prioritise mental health. High utilisation rates of an EAP indicate that employees trust and find value in the service. Additionally, the EAP should proactively report emerging psychosocial risks to the organisation in real time while maintaining confidentiality, enabling timely interventions and risk mitigation.

Inclusivity and Experience in Wellbeing Support      

A robust safety net of support recognises the diverse needs of employees. EAP services should be inclusive and cater for diversity, including neurodiverse employees or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, among others. Specialised training and experience to support marginalised groups can ensure that the assistance provided is culturally sensitive, promoting a sense of safety and belonging.

Trauma and High-Risk Service: Expert Support in Crisis Situations 

Organisations must also consider scenarios where employees may be at risk of harm to themselves or others. A dedicated trauma and high-risk service, led by senior psychologists, should be available to handle crises effectively. This specialised support provides timely intervention, risk assessment, and guidance to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all parties involved.

Corporate Recovery Service Provider: Managing Mental Health at Work  

Offering a corporate recovery service provider can aid in the prevention of psychological injuries and subsequent workers’ compensation claims. This service supports your people experiencing mental ill health to remain in good work. It facilitates collaboration between the organisation, treating practitioners, and the employee, ensuring a supportive environment that promotes recovery and prevents work-related mental health issues.

Addressing psychosocial risks and implementing controls to minimise them is crucial for promoting employee mental health. However, organisations must also establish a safety net of support that is beyond relying solely on an EAP service. The Centre for Corporate Health collaborates with businesses to prevent mental health issues, promote optimal wellbeing, and serve as a safety net of support. Considering the entire wellbeing continuum, the diversity of your people and meeting them where they are no matter what life challenges they may be facing, you provide them with a comprehensive support system. Get in touch today to see how we can be your safety net of support.